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Gone are the days of processing our most desired meal - pounded yam or Fufu with the traditional method of labourous pounding with the morter, disturbing the entire house, sweating, and missing out in the pleasure of being at home to relax not to work even harder. Most homes just avoid the meal of pounded yam or fufu. 

Today you can give yourself, your home and beloved family a choice, you can decide when you want to serve or be served our favourite meal of pounded yam or fufu because it is now just a push botton away, no more do you need to have meals that are processed from flour which we all know is not pounded yam the way we know it and enjoy it. Your Osuji pounded yam machine comes with a guarantee of 12 months, ensuring you can keep on getting value for your purchase for years to come.

Osuji pounded yam machine; N29,500

New Osuji fufu maker, cooks,pounds,makes                N53,500

 FOR only N29,500 (Nigerian)or N53,500, 697GHC (Ghanaian)or 929GHC you and yours can begin to enjoy real pounded yam and fufu, or amala, semo etc at home tonight, just enter your address, home or office, by mail or sms, a location where our delivery staff would deliver your yam pounder to you, (this service is available in some states in Nigeria and Ghana only). Choose a payment method, and within 24hrs your pounder is in your home doing wonders.

Modern times call for improved food productivity, because the time and energy spent preparing daily meals could be spent doing something more productive.

                 Best pounded yam you will ever have or serve, GUARANTEED.